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While anchoring Fox 19 news in Cincinnati, Emmy and Edward R. Murrow award winning journalist Ben Swann began making national traction during the 2012 Presidential primary. Taking on topics mainstream media would not touch, Swann was met with a wellspring of grassroots support. Without an independent platform to freely pursue his journalistic aspirations, Swann’s talent needed a venue to realize his brand’s full potential.

Together, Fanconx and Swann built an explosive and sustaining project while becoming a global household brand in independent journalism.

The mission of Fanconx is realizing goals, side by side, with our clients.  While other web marketing providers have a “set it and forget it” mentality, we do not.  We will realize your vision, understand your mission and craft a sustainably profitable presence in the digital world.  With a proven track record of interaction and shared vision, we look forward to partnering with you and exceeding your expectations.

Fanconx is a true leader in digital marketing. Sam and Ron have the ability to connect deeply with the audience, connecting them with content and concept. From start to finish Fanconx will help to define and refine your digital marketing strategy. - Ben Swann

Emmy Award Winning Journalist

Making Alternative Media Mainstream



Social Media Growth

Weekly Social Reach

Weekly Engagement

Monthly Video Views

Making Alternative Media Mainstream

Clear Direction

Fanconx brought a clear direction for growth and expansion in a very competitive market.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Fanconx provided a seamless approach to re-branding from to

Analyzing Data For Growth

Analyzing data, algorithms and adjusting strategy, Fanconx rises to the challenges of an ever changing market.




YouTube Views

Website Pageviews

Amazing Result


From Start To Finish

Website Creation is run and managed by Fanconx. From building the website, content creation, video production, podcast production to managing the day to day activities.

The Moving Parts

Fanconx makes sure your digital marketing is a success on every platform.

Analyzing Data For Growth

By analyzing data, algorithms and adjusting strategy, Fanconx rises to the challenges of an ever changing market.

The Results Were Amazing


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